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Designer_Jewellery (1)Designer_Jewellery (2)
Checkout designer gold vaddanam with ruby and pearl studded peacock design all over it.paired up with hanging gold chain around it.
Checkout Kerala bride with designer bridal jewellery like gold necklace,long haram,vaddanamm, aravanki,gold bangles,gold jhumka earrings,gold tika from bhima jewellers.


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Checkout designer gold vaddanam with stones studded in it.Hanging gold balls brings more attractive look to it.

Designer_Jewellery (3)

South Indian Music Director Koti daughter Bhagya Lakshmi with gold necklace sets and Asta Lakshmi model vaddanam.Paired with gold and diamond bangles.

Designer_Jeweelry (8)
South Indian actress Tamanna with heavy jumkas attached very big long chain with small basara pearls and studded with precious gemstones, Kundan and antique finish heavy short necklace, Paired with gold earrings broad bangle and chain model traditional mango pendants attached vaddanam.

Designer_Jewellery (2)

Checkout South Indian actress Anaya with designer gold traditional necklace paired with vaddanam and bangles.

Gunaas_Diamond_Jewellery (2)

Checkout model with designer gold necklace paired wih matching earrings,bangles and waist belt(Vaddanam).


Bridal_Jewellery (1) South Indian actress Shriya Reddy looked gorgeous. Wearing multi steps kudan long chain with double step pendant studded with polki diamonds and ruby's, simple diamond ruby short necklace, Beautiful belt model diamond vaddanam with peacock, laxmi pendants, diamond bangles and kundan earrings, tika.

Esha_Deol_Wedding (3)

Bollywood actress Hema Malini with designer Traditional gold necklace,earrings,armlet and vadanan(waist Belt) at Esha Deol Wedding.

Malbar_Gold (2)Malbar_Gold (3)Malbar_Gold (4)

South Indian actress Sruthi Hassan with designer gold,diamond necklace and waist belt(Vaddanam).

Designer_Jewellery (1)

Checkout South Indian actress with designer gold necklace and kasulaperu paired with gold earrings and waist belt (Vaddanam).

South Indian actress Arya Menon with designer gold necklace ,earrings,bangles,hair accessories and waist belt(Vaddanam).


South Indian actress Samantha with designer traditional waist belt and bangles.

Designer_Jewellery (3)

South Indian actress with designer Traditional gold necklace,earrings and waist belt.


Checkout South Indian actress Nisha Shetty with designer Gold Necklace,bangles and earrings.

22_Carat_Gold_Jewellery (9)

Checkout 22 carat gold bridal necklace,earrings,bangles,kasulaperu and armlets.

Checkout Designer Traditional gold necklace,earrings,bangles and vaddanam(waist Belt).
bridal-gold-jewellery-set-2010 (5) copybridal-gold-jewellery-set-2010 (4) copy
Checkout 24 Carat Gold Bridal jewelley.
South Indian actress Sneha with designer bridal necklace,earrings,waist belt and hair accessories.


Checkout model with designer gold necklace,earrings,bangles and waist belt.

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